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 The idea of a non-profit organization crossed my mind in May 2017. This is when the loss of my boyfriend's brother occurred, his death was due to committing suicide. I went throughout the next two years studying developmental psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. I would have events in his memory and give the proceeds to the family as well as the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Three Rivers Suicide Prevention will hold events to share our story and how it relates to this very relevant cause in our area. Holding events will allow us to raise money, with this money we will hold public speaking events, partner with local universities to participate in research regarding suicide and donate to local mental health organizations. My heart is invested in this cause and my goal is to not only bring people together to remember loved ones but also see what we can do as a group to prevent suicide.  We also focus on doing things that create positive self-image and self esteem, that being said we have added "Western Pa Fastpitch" to our organization. 

Thank you.

Blake Sirko 

 President of Three Rivers Suicide Prevention 



Bob Sirko (Western Pa Fastpitch) 


Blake Sirko (Three Rivers Suicide Prevention) 


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